South Africa's premier Global Touring Car Championship caters for a growing field of world-class race cars designed to thrill race fans and tempt consumers. Based loosely on Australian V8 Supercars, GTC cars carry the same body as their street kin wrapped around a purpose-built race chassis and powered by an engine from the maker’s range. Top class GTC cars feature that same common chassis, running gear, a single ECU to control performance on their 2-litre turbocharges engines, spec tyres, suspension and many other components to equalise performance between competing cars, leading teams, drivers and carmakers to decide which engine and bodywork to run. A second SupaCup class races turbo 2-litre powered hot hatchbacks as a breeding ground of future South African race stars. GTC has  factory support form Toyota and Volkswagen. GTC runs around South Africa as part of the Extreme Festival roadshow at Kyalami in February, Killarney in March and October, Zwartkops in May and October, Gqebehra in June and East London in July.


Contact Person: Reynard Gelderblom
Contact Number: +27 74 344 0007
Contact Email: Reynard Gelderblom