Race win, second overall opens title lead

Durbanville, Cape Town kart racing star Jason Coetzee came back satisfied from Vereeniging’s second round Rok Cup races after winning a race and ending up second overall to consolidate his MSA Academy championship lead at the Laserfiche Raceway over the weekend

“We had a good day and I’m glad with the result,” Jason confirmed. “We had the wrong ratio for the first few races but we got it right for the last heat, which I won, But well done to Jordan North on the overall win and to my fellow Capetonians on their great results.

“The points are looking good and I want to give a big thanks to Etienne Roos and the RKT team, Henry bam and my mom and dad. “It’s the Killarney Max national next and that’s going to be a big weekend on 29 April where I’m racing both Senior and Junior - it’s my home track so I’m really looking forward to a great weekend. “I can’t wait!”