Jordan overcomes weight penalty to score

Johannesburg kart racer Jordan North enjoyed a frustrating, yet satisfying weekend to score points at the opening round of the 2017 CIK-FIA Karting Academy Championship in Genk, Belgium over the weekend. North ended up 14th in the Final despite having to race at the heaviest weight in the class and despite being stick thin and unlikely to lose a gram of weight.

“I had a good weekend, but to be honest, I am struggling with this weight handicap,” Radford High Northcliff Grade 8 scholar Jordan explained. “I am the biggest kid in the class and even in the 8-lap qualifying heats, where I ended up fifth and sixth respectively, I finished the races at 142 kg — two heavier than anyone else in the class. “So the 19-lap final was a bit of a challenge with all the weight, little power, a lot of understeer and difficult brakes.

“All things being even, we had the pace to be in the top five, but I fought hard to qualify 13th for the final and even harder to bring it home 14th. “That was a 19-lap race, so I had to carry enough fuel to have 3 litres left at the end as per the regulations, so I started around 10 kilos overweight — about six more than anyone else.

“The kart was difficult to drive until the weight came down and it did get better as the race progressed, so I was very happy to do the third quickest lap at the end, which is pretty cool considering that we have not raced here before and just came straight in to compete. “I also really learned so much again this weekend, so there are a few positives to take home too - not least of all that Tony Kart and Ward Racing were very impressed with how I handled my disadvantage this weekend.

“We come back in July so I will be training hard to try lose a few grams — its difficult because guys grow so fast at my age - I am 1.78m tall at just 13 years old — we will have to live with the weight and learn our way around it. “But the experience is awesome, so I can’t wait for the next round in France — bring it on!”