OLFA offers a world-leading wide range of cutters & blades

Among the world leaders in knives and cutters, Japan’s OLFA Corporation founder Yoshi Okada knew a thing or two about blades. Okada San also loved chocolate. One evening, as he broke segments off a chocolate bar, he had an epiphany. Why not build segments into a blade to break off as soon as the blade edge became blunt, to easily and immediately sharpen the working blade? 

The rest, as they say, is history. The original world standard OLFA Snap-Off Blade Cutter is today part of everyday life. Another leading Vermont Sales Brand in Southern Africa, OLFA Blades’ craft products are also freely available across the subcontinent. The broad OLFA range spreads from 9 millimetre to 12.5, 18.25 mm cutters along with a broad variety of different blades and blade types for each size cutter. And every application. 

OLFA’s more specialised original ranges include art knives and blades, compass, and rotary cutters, as well as broad ranges of touch knives, scrapers, and scissors. Each of those comes backed by the regular variety of blades. OLFA also offers a range of cool accessories from cutter and knife holsters to stationary storage solutions and more. You can even have an OLFA hoodie as part of a pleasing fashion range. 

Innovative as ever, OLFA regularly introduces exciting Japanese quality new products to the market. Recent releases include Aluminium LTD Art Knife now available in a choice of cool new colours. The fashionable AK-5 now also comes in a package with 25 assorted blades for use in a wide range of fields. And the OLFA BTC1-DX 43mm Adjustable Head Scraper & Cutter has a wheel lock adjustable to as many as eleven cutting positions and one-sided sharpening.

Another new addition, the OLFA SVR2 Stainless Steel 'Sabsushee' Cutter with Auto Lock is best suited for fine paper and film cutting, wallpaper with a stainless steel channel and handle, and auto-lock. OLFA is not just about cutters of course. The PK-1 Clip and Slide Bag Cutter is ideal for slicing open vacuum and food packaging. Other recent accessory releases include a 30-piece blade pack cartridge that doubles as a pen stand for your desk.

OLFA is a is a Vermont Sales brand. Established in 1985, Vermont Sales offers a huge range of tool solutions from more than 50 leading, tried, tested, and guaranteed  brands. Available through well over 3,000 outlets across Southern Africa, and backed by the Vermont Sales Force, the company also offers comprehensive training across all its brands.  Learn more at


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What:OLFA Knives & Blades Range & Background
Where:Midrand, Gauteng
When:Wednesday 7 February 2024
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