Charl & Simon set to step up at Scribante

Lee Thompson Racing’s GTC2 and Engen Volkswagen Cup drivers Charl Smalberger and Simon Need head to Port Elizabeth for the Volkswagen National Race Day looking for their best results of the season Saturday 15 July. Both drivers have had a difficult run of late and are keen to up the ante in the Eastern Cape.

PE is in essence a home race for Pretoria lad and University of Port Elizabeth Mechanical Engineering student Charl Smalberger. “We had a good run at Zwartkops all considered but we need a little more pace to match the factory cars.” Charl admitted. “That said, Lee and the guys have spent some time fettling my iCorp Volkswagen Parts Golf GTI and I am hoping for a step forward on Saturday — it's almost a home race for me so it’s going to be a great weekend — can’t wait!”

Mauritian Simon Need enjoyed his best Volkswagen Cup weekend at Zwartkops yet in his Photonics Polo and he’s keen to keep up the momentum. “I have had a difficult year so far in some respects, but a good one in others,” Simon explained. “We have had our fair share of technical issues, but my pace is strong and we are improving every time I get into the car, so I’m really looking forward to Aldo Scribante next up, where we are looking to continue moving up the field.”