Another great GP3 test run for Hyman

South Africa’s Raoul Hyman continued to impress in the second day of the GP3 test at Abu Dhabi, when he moved up a position to end up sixth on the timesheets in spite of switching teams to Koiranen overnight.

Hyman, who will test three different cars for three teams over the three days of testing, impressed the Koiranen squad by posting the team’s fastest time for the week, including all times set throughout the final championship round in Abu Dhabi over the past weekend. 

“I am really enjoying driving the GP3 car,” Raoul admitted. “It's an absolute thrill and also great to be back in the cockpit of a race car again after so long. “I’m pleased to have ended up sixth today, perhaps just a little disappointed that I missed those few hundredths of a second, which would have placed me third — that was definitely do-able. 

“Switching teams overnight is not always straightforward — I had to get used to the handling characteristics of the different car and also adapt to the brakes and the set-up. “The limited running in the test and restricted tyre allocation also means that the learning curve is very steep, but it is also a great challenge.”  

Raoul asked to change set-up after the morning session and the team obliged, allowing the driver to find almost a second in pace in the afternoon, leaving the team more than happy with Raoul’s performance on the day.

“We worked from the morning to improve the handling of the car, and I am grateful to Koiranen for the faith they had in me to make the changes. “With a little more time, we would have gone even faster — there was definitely more performance to find through fine-tuning.”

Raoul changes teams again for the final day of the test, when he runs with Trident on Friday.