New engine, colours among witch fixes

Ferrari is expected to present a radically different Formula 1 car for the new season versus its 2016 dog, as the team prepares to go as far as eliminating all the white from the new machine's colours in an effort to exorcise its recent run of poor form, in spite of the Scuderia having five world champions in its two cars.

Starting with the colours, it is believed that the Italian team will eliminate all the white aspects of its 2016 livery, with superstitious staff believing the design is associated with too many bad times in the Italian team’s history. Sources suggest that the 2016 and 1993 Ferraris - never mind the 1980 disaster — bore white-rich liveries.

But then of course Niki Lauda and Jody Scheckter won three championships in 1970s 312s that had a significant amount of white in their paintwork, as indeed did several of Michael Schumachers’ steeds. Makes one wonder…

Moving away from the witchcraft, there also appear to be changes to the new car that are actually motivated by the laws of physics and engineering, including aerodynamic tweaks well beyond the changes required by the latest 2017 regulations along with several changes under the skin of project 668.

Ferrari’s new 062/2 power unit also gets a completely revised internal combustion engine aimed to better utilise its twinned  MGU-H electric motor system in an effort to increase the efficiency of the hybrid systems and improve turbocharger reliability, while a new multi-jet ignition system will be in place too.

Maranello is also set to move back to a more conventional gearbox to solve traction issues with its troublesome 2016 unit with suspension mountings the rear between the differential and the gearbox proved at times, while the red car will allegedly copy Mercedes’ front suspension, up wheelbase by 200mm and shift the engine aft in the car to accommodate the 5kg bigger 105kg fuel tank.

It is also understood that the car could feature some offbeat aero solutions. Better go find that pin doll then.