Track changes for quicker F1 cars

The Albert Park circuit will undergo Australian Grand Prix organizers will add a number of track revisions to the Albert Park circuit for of this year’s race to accommodate F1’s faster new-generation cars.

FIA data predicts a 20-50km/h hike in corner speeds between in mid-to-high speed bends, 20-30m later braking points and 3-4 second quicker lap times that have seen to several safety-related revisions to the Albert Park layout. Updates include tyre wall re-profiling at Turns 1, 6, and 14, as well as the use of over R1.5-million worth of Tecpro high-speed barriers at Turn 12 – a first for the Melbourne circuit.

“The FIA gave us instructions, based on the simulations they’ve done, on which turns would need additional tyre buffers, or in the case of Turn 12 inclusion of a high-speed barrier,” Aussie GP organiser Craig Moco explained. “We took all the information we received from the FIA, and being a temporary circuit we had to manufacture additional tyre buffers and purchase 80 metres worth of the Tec Pro barrier.

“That’s a big step for us from being an old-school track where we’ve got tyres and conveyor belts, to having these high-speed barriers.”