Lindenberg bounces back to win

Three months ago, Peter Lindenberg was fighting for his life. A botched hip replacement saw him stricken in hospital, his family and friends praying for his return to good health. Lindenberg underwent 5 operations in a period of 9 weeks as a result of him being left with his right leg some 30mm shorter than the left, as well as him having a cracked femur, post his initial hip replacement, something which the doctor did not detect.

On Saturday, despite having to be helped in and out of his Shelby Mustang racer, Peter drove the pristine car to overall victory in the thundering top of the bill Pre-66 Legends of 9-hour saloon car race, fighting all the way with du Toit and Ferdi van Niekerk Junior’s giant ford Galaxie, to finish the first race second — side-by-side with winner Jonathan du Toit’s Chevy Nova.

Lindenberg then stormed to a dominant race 2 victory to claim overall honours for the day. 

“Wow, what a day!” Peter admitted after the race. “If you told me six weeks ago that I’d win the day at Killarney at the beginning of February, firstly I probably would not have heard you because I was non-compus mentis under sedation, but if I did, I’d have told you that you were smoking your socks!

“But here we are - I won!

“Racing today was brilliant for my self confidence,” Lindenberg (61) explained. “I struggled a little being low on energy later in the races and it was pretty uncomfortable with all my operation wounds, but it was all good in the end — special thanks to my medical team, who were all here today — even if they could not believe their eyes!

“Hopefully now my recent medical dramas are all a thing of the past and I can get on with my first love of motorsport after a most difficult couple of years — let’s race!”

A Springbok in three different sports, Peter Lindenberg is no stranger to bouncing back from adversity — the former multiple SA powerboat champion was twice seriously injured in boat crashes, one that almost cost his life when Peter was trapped underwater at Saldhana Bay on 2002. Now he’s bounced back from a treacherous health scare too; leaving one to wonder if Peter Lindenberg is motorsport’s Houdini…?

Peter’s Lindenberg Racing team had a good weekend all-round at Killarney. Daughter Paige Lindenberg enjoyed a great outing in the Pre-’77 Production Car race, ending second in Class B as the petite lass manhandled her monster Ford Fairlane around the Killarney track. Teammate Djurk Venter also had a positive day of double duty, ending ninth in Pre-77 Class B in his Ford Capri Perana each time as well as driving his awesome Shelby Dayotna Cobra coupe to seventh in the Pre-’68 45-minute TT endurance race and first in class.

A great day’s at Killarney racing was however marred by a tragic accident in the classic motorcycle race that claimed the life of legendary SA biker, Gavin Ramsay. Lindenberg Racing extends its sincere condolences to Gavin’s family, friends and fans.