Coetzee brings worldly knowledge

Cape Town’s Jason Coetzee heads to Vereeniging for the start of a new era when the new OKJ karting class races for the first time in South Africa, where he hopes that his international OKJ experience will stand him in good stead this weekend.

“We raced in the OKJ World Finals in Bahrain at the end of last year,” Jason explained. “It was a very difficult weekend because we were on a scary learning curve and we struggled quite a bit, but now all of a sudden it seems worth it — we will go to Vereeniging a step or two ahead of the rest, so that World Final frustration was probably worth it in the end.  

Jason is also well prepared for the new class, which is not too far removed from the Junior Max kart he won the 2016 Western Cape Championship on and dominated the WP season opener in, a few weeks ago. “I don’t want to get ahead of myself though - it's the first weekend for all of us racing new equipment and there are some quick guys in the class, so the racing should be great whatever happens — may the best man win!”