WhatNorthern Regions Karting Round 7 Report
WhereZwartkops Kart Raceway, Pretoria
WhenSaturday 28 October 2017

Tiffany ready to beat bully boys

Jozi karting lass Tiffany Napier continued to show incredible pace at the penultimate Zwartkops Northern Regions karting round on Saturday, but results that would justify her speed continued to evade the determined young lady. Napier was once again subjected to a few interesting tactics by her racing rivals, but she won’t stand down and continues to chase that elusive first win.

“It was a difficult weekend and my rotten luck already started at qualifying,” Tiffany explained after going fastest as she took the chequered flag on her last lap . “Then the timekeepers decided that the session stopped at 10 minutes and that my best lap did not count — which is not quite what we see when watching F1 or Moto GP, is it? “I felt robbed and I think justifiably so. “Luckily my second best lap was good for second on the grid by just 0.003 seconds, but I’d have preferred that pole! 

“Heat 1 was one of the craziest races I have ever driven in Junior Max — the top six carved each other up all race long and the lead changed every lap, but I was a strong second with a lap to race when Wayland Wyman defended his lead by slowing down to try back us up. “I took the gap and he tried to defend, so my kart ended up on top of him! “Luckily I got going again and rescued fifth place. 

“I fluffed the second race start, but fought back to fourth by half way and I was planning a move when I was rammed from behind and spun off the track. “It took two laps to get back on track — I don’t think I deserved that 9th place, or to start last in the Final. I took a more cautious approach for race 3 and made my way up to finish fifth to wrap up a miserable day where I had the pace to win but we could manage no better than fifth in the races. 

“I’m tired of the bullying and my boy rivals' unfair tactics — enough is enough!” Tiffany concluded. “All this is doing is making me more determined to be even tougher and to out-race them on track. “I really need to — I was quickest in qualifying and set the fastest lap in two of the races, so a proper result and my first win can’t be far away now — let’s hope we can pull that off at the Finals in Vereeniging in two weeks time…


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