Red-Lined Motorsport is an adventure-oriented race team with a mission to not just about win Cross Country races, but to also ensure its customers enjoy the best possible experience while chasing their racing dreams. The Red-Lined credo is all about the journey and the team effort — the adventure.

A global experiential business based in South Africa offering cross country racing-based adventures focussed on their customers with full training, support, vehicles and back-up, Red-Lined concentrates on the development of its customers. It takes them to the races, trains them and hones their cross country racing as part of their journey to bigger challenges. Including racing the Dakar and the other major international cross country marathons.

Red-Lined uses the South African Cross Country Auto championship as a means to prepare its crews – the local series is considered to be the best Dakar training ground in the world, not just to develop drivers and crews, but also to develop and improve race cars. The SA series has trees, mountains, desert sand, mud – the perfect training ground with a little dune extra training in Namibia and at the company’s operation in Dubai.

Red-Lined runs its FIA T1 REVO+ and FIA T1.1 REVO and VK56s in SA Cross Country and international races around the world. 

Contact Person: Terence Marsh
Contact Number: 083 655 0555
Contact Email: Terence Marsh