Injury ends Boyd’s Bahrain dream

Cape Town kart racer Sebastian Boyd’s trip to the Junior World Championship in Bahrain last week came up short when a broken rib ended his campaign after Thursday’s heats. 

Broken ribs are common in karting due to the extraordinary forces at play and Boyd was in extreme pain following the first session and unable to climb out of the kart after the second, after which the team decided to withdraw him from the weekend. 

“It was so disappointing with all the excitement before and then to go all the way there only to be stopped like this,” the Camps Bay grade 9 student rued.  “But I really could not carry on.” 

The weekend was however a revelation for Sebastian. “Bahrain has been a complete eye opener,” Boyd explained. “The racing is so hard and fast compared to what we are used to - it’s just so much more competitive than what we know — it’s a different world here, so I am at least pleased to have seen it and we are now aware of that when we come back.”