Unknown factors in new F1 rubber

Pirelli F1 boss Mario Isola has confirmed that tests with mule cars have lefts certain questions unanswered on Formula 1’s fatter new 2017 tyres.

“The cars we used lacked a bit of performance compared to what we expect this year,” Isola explained. “We have not seen the true 2017 performance yet — simulations that teams have sent us show that the performance will be better than what the mule cars managed, which leads us to some question marks on the feedback that will only come from the track in the first tests and the first few races.”

“Simulations are one thing, but there will also be a completely different performance window in the second half of the season on track with high temperatures. “Will degradation and overheating be the same as with the simulations? It’s a check that we can only do on track.”

Isola also confirmed that the new rubber will allow drivers to push harder following criticism this season. “These are completely new compounds - the drivers made specific requests to and our goal is for the tyre to improve grip, but this needs to be verified on the actual cars, so we will wait for the first few races.”