Van der Watt keen to keep winning

Cape Town driver Julian van der Watt is keen to keep on where he left off at Kyalami, which would mean a couple more Investchem Formula 1600 wins at the East London Grand Prix Circuit come Saturday 20 May. Van der Watt remains unbeaten since the class switched to its new wings and slicks format at the beginning of the season.

“I have had a great run so far this year,” Julian admitted. “I have not been beaten yet and I’d like to keep it that way. “My principal rival so far will miss the races - Stuart White will be racing in Europe, but East London could surprise and there are a few very quick drivers out there who would love to beat me including some youngsters who are starting to find some pace, so I cannot sit on my laurels.

“Stuwie is not the only one to sit with a date clash this weekend - I had to choose between East London and the Western cape DD2 karting race at Killarney. “I’m also leading that title chase, but something has to give. “Either way I need to thank my team and backers in advance for East London - I hope to do Claudio Piazza Musso of RDSA and Investchem’s Ian Schofield proud!”