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DAKAR 2018 STAGE 7 LIVE - Saturday 13 January: La Paz to Uyuni, Bolivia
Bikes start 14h01 SA time; cars 17h01
Today's stage: 737km, Special: 404km. Altitude 3800-4100m ASL
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23h20 - cars: Seems Peugeot's bush repairs were pretty effective - Peterhansel has pretty well matched the Toyotas in from when he re-started thanks to cannibaising half of Despres' car to get mobile in just an hour and 40 minutes... 

22h40 - Day's Report


Toyotas move up, Peterhansel in trouble

Dakar 2018 was turned on its head on Saturday to bring a new look to the leaderboard as the race pulled into the Bolivian Andes town of Uyuni. 

Mr Dakar, as they call him, Frenchman Stephane Peterhansel may have gone into the day’s stage with over an hour’s advantage over Peugeot teammate Carlos Sainz, but not only did the Spaniard win his second cross country stage on the trot, Peterhansel also hit troube early on to lose an almost two hours to drop down the field as he struggled to repair his damaged Peugeot.

That allowed South Africa’s Giniel de Villier’s Gazoo Toyota South Africa Hilux into second place under pressure from teammate Nasser Al Attiyah in what had suddenly turned into a fight for second for the day and second overall too, as the Qatari hounded the man from Stellenbosch home. Dutchman Bernhard ten Brinke, who had led the Toyota charge in third as the day started, struggled after troubles earlier in the day as he trailed Pole Jakub Przygonski’s Mini, Czech driver Martin Prokop’s Ford and Argentine Lucio Alvarez, driving a Toyota with South African navigator Rob Howie home in seventh. 

Ten Brinke was set to slip to fifth overall behind Peterhansel, both of them close enough behind Al Attiyah and de Villiers, who are now split by  9 minutes in second and third, but an hour and eleven behind leader Sainz. 

South African privateers, Hennie de Klerk and Gerhard Schutte had powered the TreasuryOne Amarok out of section 4 in 20th at the time of writing, closely followed by fellow rookie Valucíc as they continued their event-long battle at the head of the car rookie standings.

Spain’s Joan Barreda was the first bike home for Honda, taking another stage win to come home two minutes 51 seconds clear of Yamaha-mounted Frenchman Adrien van Beveren. Argentine rider Kevin Benavides competed the day’s podium on another Honda, ahead of Aussie Toby Price’s KTM, Pablo Quintanilla on a Husqvarna and Matthias Walkner on another KTM. 

The overall bike race is developing into a thriller as Barreda continues to charge back from his earlier problems — he has closed his deficit to overall leader van Beveren  down from being over 22 minutes adrift and 14th overall a week ago, to under 5 minutes as he moved into third. Van Beveren meanwhile retook the overall lead from Benavides at Uyuni today.

Of the South African riders, David Thomas was 43rd, Donovan van de Langeberg 52nd, Willem du Toit 59th and a little further back Gerry van der Byl was 100th

Sunday’s Day 8 is the big one — not only will crews head straight into 500km of special on the second day of the marathon stage without the comfort of servicing their vehicles, but they face the extreme test of high-altitude sand dunes at some 3500m above sea level following an already sensational first half of the marathon stage on Saturday. Follow Sunday's news as it breaks on TreasuryOne’s Dakar Live Blog at

22h17 - cars: Giniel holds Nasser off for second, 2 minutes clear of his teammate. So Sainz leads Al Attiyah by 1 hour and 11 seconds overall with Giniel third 9 minutes further back and as we saw today, that can evaporate in just over an hour...

21:55 - cars: Carlos Sainz storms into Uyuni to win the day and officially take the overall lead as Peterhansel gets moving after losing close to two hours

21:50 - cars: Sainz passes the final control 11 minutes cear of de Villiers, who is under pressure from Al Attiyah. Behind them, Pole Jakub Przygonski’s Mini, sits fourth ahead of Czech driver Martin Prokop’s Ford and Argentine Lucio Alvares, driving with South African navigator Rob Howie, with Bernhard ten Brinke seventh after troubles earlier in the day in the third Toyota. 

21h30 - cars: Hennie de Klerk moves the TreasuryOne Amarok up to 21st - now a minute clear of rookie rival Vaculík 

21h00 - cars: The way we have it after section 5 today, it's all change overall as Sainz now leads Al Attiyah by just on an hour with de Villiers just three minutes behind his teammate and in turn five minutes cear of ten Brinke in the third Toyota. It is also double trouble for Peterhansel with today being a marathon stage and no service allowed this evening, so any repairs made are likely to incur significant penalties

20h50 - cars: Hennie de Klerk powers the TreasuryOne Amarok out of section 3 in 23rd - directly behind fellow rookie Valucíc as the pair continue there event-long battle at the head of the car rookie standings

20h40 - cars: Teammate Cyril Despres has come to the aid of his stranded Peugeot teammate Peterhansel, but Mr. Dakar will soon be passed by the Toyotas overall if he is not quickly back in the road as de Villiers and Al Attiyah fight it out for what now increasingly appears to be second overall...

20h15 - cars: Also of interest are the positions of the Toyotas - Giniel de Villiers is tasking time out of both his teammates today and after CP4, he was over 8 minutes clear of Al Attiyah and almost 17 minutes ahead of Ten Brinke on the road. Now considering de Villiers was 15 minutes behind Ten Brinke and 11 behind Attiyah overall overnight, this chase could be very cose come this evening at Uyuni... 

20:05 - cars - Still no sign of Peterhansel who is reported to be attending to significant damage at the rear of his Peugeot, which means Sainzis now leading Dakar 2018 overall...

19h45 - cars - Sainz is first out of Sector 3, five minutes cear of de Villiers  - Peterhansel is stopped in the stage... 

19h40 - bikes: Spain's Joan Barreda was the first bike home for Honda, 2 minutes 51 seconds ceaqr of Yamaha-mounted Frenchman Adrien van Beveren, Argentine rider Kevin Benavides on another Honda, Aussie Price's KTM, Pablo Quintanilla on a Husqvarna and Matthias Walkner on a KTM. The overall bike race is developing into a thriller as Barreda has closed his deficit to overall leader van Beveren down to under 5 minutes from being over 22 minutes adrift and 14th overall a week ago, as he moved into third behind Benavides.

19h30 - cars: Peterhansel was still ahead of Sainz out of sector 3 as de Villiers moves to third - Al Attiyah lost 19 minutes in the last sector, while Ten Brinke was slow through the last sector. Hennie de Klerk is however having a good run in the TreasuryOne Amarok passing CP1 in 19th.

18h30 - cars: Peterhansel emerges from Sector 2 a minute clear of Al Attiyah, de Villiers and Sainz, all in a close tussle for second

18h25 - bikes: After Sector 5 Barreda leads by 5 minutes 21 after over van Beveren  who is now ahead of Svitko, Quintanilla and Soultrait. Of the SA riders David Thomas was 43rd, Donovan van de Langeberg 52nd, Willem du Toit 59th and a little further back Gerry van der Byl was 100th

17h30 - cars: Peterhansel is first away to start the car stage

17h25 - bikes: Barreda opens up the lead to over 3 minutes after sector 3 over van Beveren, Soutrait, Svitko, Jager and Brabec

16h25 - bikes: Barreda leads van Beveren by 1:34 with Jager, Alakner, Svitko & Soultrait next up, while a group of regular frontrunners including Benavides, Price, Quintanilla, Guell and Meo appear to have lost time a similar amount of to run outside of the top 10 around 7 minutes off the pace after Sector 2.

15h25 - bikes: Barreda is charging again today - a minute quicker than the rest through CP1 he leads Walkner by a 47 seconds, Benavides, Price, Jager and Svitko.

15h00 - bikes: With the leading bikes having started the second week of Dakar 2018, the first few machines have already cleared today's first section - Kevin Benavides is provisionally quickest out the blocks, just 4 seconds faster than Toby Price at CP1... 

09h45 - all: Today's cross country conditions should better suit most of Dakar 2018's SA competitors following the sandy menu of the past week. However being a marathon stage, there is zero room for error as no service is allowed at the bivouac tonight beyond refuelling - all competing vehicles are impounded after the finish and crews will only be able to access them shortly before tomorrow's start. A problem today will have a profound double effect. The action starts with the bikes getting away at 14h01 this afternoon and the cars set off at 17h01 - catch the action as it happens right here from around 15h00 today...

09h40 - cars: South African duo Hennie de Klerk and Gerhard Schutte were meanwhile running in 28th in class in the TreasuryOne Amarok embroiled in a battle for overall the rookie lead with Pole Boris Vacuík’s Ford at the time of writing.

09h35 - cars: South Africa's Gazoo Toyota Hilux trio is however by no means out of the picture in spite of a torrid trek through the dunes - Bernhard Ten Brinke sits third with Nasser Al Attiyah and Giniel de Villiers in close attendance, but can the Hiluxes really close up that gap. It's a long way to go and anything can happen...  Argentine Toyota driver and SA navigator Lucio Alvares and Rob Howie are meanwhile playing catch up in 16th

09h30 - cars: Although it has lost one car and another sits way back in 48th essentially two days off the pce with its compounded penalties, Peugeot remains in complete control with with Stephane Peterhansel leading Carlos Sainz by 24 minutes and that delayed third car of Cyril Despres running protection in their shadows. 

09h25 - bikes: South African riders David Thomas starts week 2 in 54th, Donavan van der Langeberg 64tt, Willem du Toit 65th and Gerrie van der Byl 101st. Sady Wessel Bosman opted not to continue Thursday morning following a brave effort toward the back of the bike field.

09h20 - all: Dakar Day 2 starts with a bang following a 325km liaison to the start of the special - today is a 404km marathon stage , which means no service tonight....


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