Mozambican Karl Pitzer started his Karting in a 60cc GP Junior Comer 60cc at the age of five and a half in Maputo where he attended the local motorsport governing body, the ATCM's Karting Academy in 2006. Karl started racing in 2007 where he was a slow learner albeit full of spirit. He achieved the occasional Podium and was fortunate enough to be conveyed a third place cup by Jeane Todt in 2010.

About Karl

Motorsport Ambition: Get to the top - never to give up. Always better that best!

Born: Maputo 13 December 2001

Nationality: Mozambican

Lives: Maputo Mozambique

Age: 15

Weight & Height: 1.65 m,  45 kg

School: Grade 9 Escola Marginal

Other Interests: Gaming, F1, Moto GP, photography, politics

Favourite car: Ferrari

Racing hero: Aerton Senna

Hero outside of racing: Donald Trump

Favourite food: AFK - Aisas Fried Chicken and Pizza Margarhita

Favourite drink: Coca Cola ZERO

Favourite music: Rap

Favourite Movie/TV show: Rush and Senna .....both give life's lessons  differently.

Karl Pitzer - Racing Cv

2010 - Karting ATCM GP Junior 3 rd

2011 - Karting - Won Maxterino ATCM Championship 

2012 - Karting - Won Maxterino, ATCM Championship 

2013 - Karting -  Won Maxterino, ATCM Championship 

2014 - Karting - 2nd Junior Max ATCM Championship 

2015 - Karting - 2nd  Junior Max ATCM Championship

2016 - Karting  - won ATCM Junior Max Championship 

                           - won ATCM ROK Championship 

                           - 4th South African Junior Max Championship

                           - won Rotax Junior Max Africa 

Karl's Sponsor  - Construa/Build it Mozambique

Contact Person: Kevin Pitzer
Contact Email: Kevin Pitzer