South African British Formula 3 racer Eugene Denyssen was born in Stellenbosch in 1996 and started karting at 12, winning the WPMC Mini Max Karting Rookie of the Year award that year before ending second in the WP championship and fourth in the nationals.

Eugene stepped up to a double program in Junior Max and Junior Rok in 2011, ending third in the SA junior Max championship, 4th in the WP championship and 6th in Junior Rok before representing South Africa in the Junior Rok World Finals.

2012 was a big year for Eugene, winning both the South African National and Western Province Junior Max  Karting Championhips and being awarded Senior Western Province Colours for Karting the Dolinschek Victor Ludorum Award. Eugene also represented SA in Rotax Max Grand World Karting Finals in Portugal, won the Junior Max  Karting Final at Zwartkops, Johannesburg and ended 5th in the Super Rok National  Karting Championship that year.

2013 was another good year as Eugene competed in the European Karting Championship, ended third  in the SA Senior Max National Karting Championship and was awarded South African National Springbok Colours.  He stepped up to the big circuit in 2014, making his debut in the SA Formula Ford championship before climbing back into a kart to steal the  ticket to  represent SA in the Rotax Max Grand World Karting Finals Spain by winning the African Open Senior Max Karting Champion.

Eugene took a sabbatical from racing in 2015 as he prepared to race the British Formula 3 championship, where he improved steadily through his rookie season. 

Eugene lives in England during the race season and makes no bones about his ambition to become Formula One World Champion. His favourite car is the Lamborghini Veneno, Lewis Hamilton is his racing hero and the Late Great Ali is his all-time hero...

About Eugene 

Personal Information

Nationality: South African

Languages: English & Afrikaans

Education: Paul Roos Gymnasium

Lives: Raithby, Somerset West

Born: 21 April 1996 – Stellenbosch Mediclinic

Height: 173cm

Weight: 60kg

Facebook: Eugene Denyssen Racing

Twitter: @Eugenedenyssen

Instagram: @Eugene_Denyssen

Snapchat: Gino301

Ambition: Formula One World Champion

Favourite Car: Lamborghini Veneno

Racing Hero: Lewis Hamilton

Hero: The Late Great Ali

Favourite Food: Pizza/Sushi

Favourite Drink: Apple/Orange Juice

Favourite Music: Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap

Favourite Movie: Comedies

Favourite TV Shows: Empire/Power/Big Bang Theory

Racing CV

2016: BRDC Formula 3 Championship

2015: Sabbatical Year in Motorsport Worked Full Time at UNIREF

2014: SA Formula Ford Debut Season

          African Open Senior Max Karting Champion

          Represented SA in Rotax Max Grand World Karting Finals (Spain)

2013: European Karting Championship

          3rd SA Senior Max National Karting Championship 

          Awarded South African National Springbok Colours

2012: South African Junior Max National  Karting Champion

          Western Province Junior Max Regional  Karting Champion

          Awarded Senior Western Province Colours for Karting 

          Awarded the Dolinschek Victor Ludorum Award

          Represented SA in Rotax Max Grand World Karting Finals #13 (Portugal)

          5th in the Super Rok National  Karting Championship

          Won the Junior Max  Karting Final at Zwartkops, Johannesburg

2011: 3rd - Junior Max National  Karting hampionship

           4th - Western Province Regional  Karting Championship

           Represented South Africa at the 2011 Rok Karting World Finals

           6th - Junior Rok  Karting National Championship

2010: 2nd - Western Province Mini Kax  Karting Regional Champioship

           4th - South African Mini Max  Karting National Championship

2009: Mini Max  Karting Rookie of the year

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