Coetzee keen on Killarney home glory

Durbanville Cape Town kart star Jason Coetzee is champing at the bit in anticipation of his home round of the SA National Karting Championship at Killarney 29 April. Coetzee won a Junior Max heat in spite of a challenging weekend at Vereeniging last time out, but he’s determined to make good in both the Junior and Senior races this time around.

“I’m super excited,” Jason admitted. “I can’t wait for the national — it’s going to be a good one. “I have spent a lot of time in the gym; our 3 days of testing was good last week and I’m feeling great for the national at my home track at Killarney, which should be an advantage.

“There’s no guarantee of success though and it won’t be easy but I will give it my best shot as always , so bring it on! “I would like thank my parents for the opportunity to compete as I do and I hope to make them, my pit family and my RKT team proud at Killarney.”