Eric comes from a long line of petrol heads and would often go watch family race, so he's essentially grown up at Killarney, but it really all began when Eric was 2 and his dad bought him a second hand set of Scalextric at a flea market and that quickly became a huge 20m track on a board. 
Dad then bought little Eric a used kart and he started practicing - luckily 10 time SA champ Luke Herring is a family friend and showed Eric and dad Craig the basics at a time when the likes of Koorzen, de Oliviera, Smit, Levy and Malcolm were the front runners in WP Cadets. The Normans learned quickly driving with SA’s best - they also saw the effort and the seat time the leaders put in and did the same.

Even though finances were never there for the fastest motor, the Normans stayed positive and kept their heads down and Eric has so far put in over 12 000 laps in his short racing career. Every session has had a purpose and a goal, either working on lines, learning to drive with smoother movements, offensive and defensive driving. Often we are first at the track and last to leave. 

Eric has a minimum rule of 200 laps per week and has a very mature approach to life for his age. He learnt very early on what you put in is what you get out so he very seldom objects. It has worked - Eric once did 14 sessions of 15 laps in one day as a result took 1.5 seconds off his best time the following week. 
It all paid off when Eric took his first race win at Killarney in February - executing his game plan flawlessly except for once slight error that cost him a win in race 2. The win was very emotional for both Eric and his dad who both shed a tear or two - it was not just the joy of victory, but also the relief after all the hard work, the affirmation that Eric is a good driver and can win races. Eric is well liked at the track because of his unwavering work ethic. The response he got from his local fans was simply overwhelming.  
Eric will however take it one race at a time. We will stay focussed on the job at hand. We have fierce competition from Ian Joubert and Luan Mostert.
It is not all racing in the Norman household - his folks want Eric to remain a kid for now and must enjoy all his interests. He is a good athlete and is one of the fastest sprinters in the region which comes in handy when he plays rugby and cricket. He has recently joined 1st Stellenbosch Cubs Scouts and he enjoys this as much as he does his karting.
Eric and Craig also thank all the dads and coaches at WP karting for showing them the ropes and especially uncle Matthew for being the coolest pit mac ever and mom for packing the best lunches.

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