WhatKalahari Rally Day 4 Report
WhereKalahari Desert
WhenTuesday 7 September 2021
CommunitySouth Africa National

Hennie & Adriaan score crushing stage win but, exit Kalahari Rally

Hennie de Klerk and Adriaan Roets bounced back from Tuesday’s Kalahari Rally dramas to score a compelling day 3 victory aboard the TreasuryOne BMW X3 on a fast and tough run through the dunes and across the salt pans on Wednesday. The team has however decided to call it a day on the gruelling event after its test car’s chassis cracked in several places, with the driver and navigator satisfied from their many lessons learned on Africa’s longest and toughest off-road race.

“Today went very, very well,” Hennie de Klerk reported. “It shows that when the old TreasuryOne BMW goes well, it goes incredibly well! “We started last and ten minutes behind today and finished 32 minutes ahead, which tells a story all of its own. “I think I need to call Adriaan Mrs. de Klerk from now on,” Hennie grinned. “He tells me what to do and I just take orders and drive! 

“His navigational nous is splendid and he finds the quickest way — we never lost time overtaking because we were able to go off the track, pass the slower cars and quickly find our way back onto the route. “Today went beautifully and we can now go back and plan to do that every day on the Dakar in January in the TreasuryOne Amarok. "The deep Kalahari is a perfect match for what we'll encounter in the Arabian Desert in January and this race has been a brilliant test.

“Unfortunately we have found a significant amount of cracking and damage in the BMW’s chassis frame and it’s just too dangerous to push on. “This is after all our test car and it’s getting old now, so rather safe than sorry. “Still, these four days have been the ultimate way to learn, prepare and understand what we now need to do. “Thanks to the organisers for an incredible race — we will certainly be back — there is no better way to prepare for the Dakar!

“This also now means that our focus shifts squarely to Dakar 2022. “The TreasuryOne team will now concentrate on prepping the Amarok, the service vehicles, parts and convoy in time to ship everything for Jeddah. “The team will then jet in, unpack and limber up for Dakar’s New Years Day 2022 start. “And I promise you, we are counting those sleeps down, one by one!” 


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