Tork Craft Thread Repair range re-secures any screw

Tork Craft’s expanded Thread Repair Kit range is ready to fix any damaged threads of all bore sizes, quickly, easily, efficiently, and shockingly cost-effectively too. Tork Craft also supplies a broad variety of thread accessories including a compelling selection insert packs and its powerful Multi Lock metal thread bond & seal adhesive.

While Tork Craft has always offered a range of M5, 6, 8, 10 and M12 Thread Repair Kits, South Africa’s favourite tool and accessory brand now also includes M14 and M16 internal sizes. The bigger packs as always include High Speed Steel Drill Bits and Tap Material, and three Stainless Steel Thread Insert sizes. 

All Tork Craft Thread Repair Kits come with an installation handle, a tang break-off tool and a quantity of stainless steel thread insert sizes, depending on the kit in question, for use in all fields from automotive, to construction, DIY and more. Tork Craft’s Thread Repair Kits are ideal to repair any stripped or damaged internal threads, strengthen screw threads and protect tapped threads against wear and tear. 

While on threads, Tork Craft’s Multi Lock metal thread bond & seal. Available in a 50 gram pack, Multi Lock is a high strength thread adhesive that resists temperature, corrosion, chemicals and more, yet is non-toxic to water. Multi Lock is suitable for any threaded parts, from studs, nuts, and bolts to all pitches of pipe ends and fittings.

Tork Craft is a Vermont Sales brand. Established in 1985, Vermont Sales offers a huge range of tool solutions from more than 50 leading, tried, tested, and guaranteed  brands. Available through well over 3,000 outlets across Southern Africa, and backed by the Vermont Sales Force, the company also offers comprehensive training across all its brands.  Learn more at


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What:Tork Craft Thread Repair
Where:Midrand, Gauteng
When:Wednesday 20 March 2024
Community:South Africa National

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