Bernzomatic flame tools empower the professional tradesman

How often do you need a controlled flame to do a job? Depending on the trade, it could be very often, so it’s great to know that Bernzomatic Flame Tools has a range of practical, cost effective and fit for purpose solutions, whatever your fiery task may entail.

Perfect for your every workshop, DIY, craft, or kitchen endeavour, there’s a handy Bernzomatic flame tool for your every plausible brazing or soldering; metal or wood job. Even cooking. Available in a broad range of tools and kits, Bernzomatic’s line extends from torches, through lighters to fuel cylinders and camping gas solutions.

Bernzomatic Max adjustable ultra-swirl flame Performance Torches work faster. With instant on and off ignition, and flame lock for continuous use, they are also pressure regulated for consistent performance, even when inverted. Cast body construction Bernzomatic torches are compatible with both Bernzomatic PRO-Max and Propane fuels and ideal for large diameter soldering, light brazing, woodworking, and cooking. 

Bernzomatic makes torches specifically dedicated to whatever your flame task may be. General duty Bernzomatic High Heat and Heavy Duty Max Heat Advanced Performance Torches make light work of light brazing, large diameter soldering woodworking and cooking. The torches of course include on-off ignition, a swirl flame profile, and a flame lock for continuous use.

The basic Bernzomatic Multi-Use Torch is best for DIY projects and repairs. Featuring an adjustable, webbed flame and hassle-free trigger-start ignition, it has an ergonomic grip and a pressure regulator for tilted use. Designed to easily master regular household repairs from thawing and melting, to small diameter soldering, or woodworking, your Bernzomatic Multi-Use Torch is even the perfect braai or fire lighter.

The Refillable Bernzomatic Detail Torch is another remarkable tool for hobby, household, and DIY work. With an adjustable precision flame and hassle-free, trigger-start ignition, this one’s pistol grip makes it ideal for electrical soldering, jewellery repair, heat shrinking and detailed metal, wood, foam, and other material work. It comes with a versatile 3-in-1 tip, a micro torch, a fine soldering tip and hot blower.

The Bernzomatic Portable Reach Torch makes overhead and extended-reach work a cinch. Its adjustable swirl flame, continuous flame lock, a 1.2 metre flexible hose and fuel holster make the Reach Torch ideal for small to large diameter soldering, brazing and large-surface metal and woodworking projects. It is of course also compatible with Bernzomatic PRO-Max and Propane fuels. 

Bernzomatic also supplies a range of  accessories to ensure regular, easy, and efficient flamework. The Universal Extension Hose enhances mobility to easily access hard-to-reach overhead or extended-reach spaces. This meter-long fibre reinforced hose attaches to any standard Bernzomatic torch and cylinder. Its belt clip also conveniently attaches the cylinder to the operator's belt, to keep it away from the work area. 

All Torches are compatible with Bernzomatic’s 400 gram PRO-Max and Propane Hand Torch Cylinders. Durable, slim, and lightweight, Bernzomatic steel cylinders are portable and easy to grip and manoeuvre. Premium Bernzomatic PRO-Max fuel had a higher 2050°C in-air flame burn temperature than propane and is better suited to soldering large copper pipes, to brazing and heat treating. Propane burns cooler, at 1980°C.

Founded by inventor Otto Bernz in 1876, Bernzomatic has striven to empower professional tradesman, DIYers, artisans and adventurers with the best quality crafted tools inspiration to achieve best results, whatever the job, for close to 150 years. 

Bernzomatic’s line of torches, lighters, fuel cylinders and camping gas accessories are distributed throughout the subcontinent and fully backed by Vermont Sales in Southern Africa. Learn more about Bernzomatic, and order your torches and accessories online now at 

Bernzomatic is a Vermont Sales brand. Established in 1985, Vermont Sales offers a huge range of tool solutions from more than 40 leading, tried, tested, and guaranteed  brands. Available through well over 3,000 outlets across Southern Africa, and backed by the Vermont Sales Force, the company also offers comprehensive training across all its brands.  Learn more at


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