Pabar VW Challenge a mobile lab for Habot’s finest oils

Habot Performance Lubricants celebrated the Pabar VW Challenge switching to its synthetic oils at Saturday’s Red Star Northern Regions Race Festival races. Habot is delighted to have all cars benefiting a sump full of superior quality synthetic lubricant, with Habot branding on each car’s flanks, and under their bonnets.

“Habot Performance Oils is proud to be associated with the Pabar VW Challenge,” Habot Performance Lubricants Sales Manager Adam Williamson confirmed.  “Every car racing in the Challenge is now lubricated by our Volkswagen Approved H-5W40 SP lubricant, and Habot branding is in place on all cars across the grid.

“Congratulations to the class winners on the weekend, Bevin Masters in Class A, and young guns Ethan Coetzee and Bjorn Bertholdt in Classes B and C. We trust our specialised blend made a difference, and that it will continue to do so in Habot Performance Lubricants’ latest mobile laboratory.”

The Habot-lubed Pabar VW Challenge races again in its third round at Phakisa Freeway in Welkom in the Free State on Saturday 27 June.


Issued on behalf of Habot Oils

What:PABAR VW Challenge Partnership
Where:Red Star Raceway, Delmas
When:Saturday 22 April 2022
Community:South Africa National

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