Hard work and a little luck nets a fine third

Tiffany Napier left Zwartkops happy after delivering a high school age Junior Max podium in the opening round of the Northern Regions karting championship on Saturday. The British International Grade 10 student struggled with the set up of her Birel and qualified further back than she would have liked, but the races presented opportunities Tiffany took with both hands.

“We ended up having a good day in the end, but we also had Lady Luck on our side for once,” Tiffany admitted. “Jayden Els and Zac Dufty both had tangles on the start and that left them well down the field, but I took advantage of that and then they both had a bad heat 2 too, so I made sure I picked up the pieces. 

“But we also worked hard through the day and used Corrie Liebenberg's wealth of experience to make some radical set up and that brought us back to 0,3 off the fastest lap. “I was lucky again in the finale when Cameron Dias and Wayland Wyman took each other off and I was waiting in the wings to take full advantage, so 4th in the heat and third overall for the day. 

“I’ll take that result, thanks very much,” Tiffany grinned. “We still have some work to do to develop our equipment to the pace of the guys at the sharp end, so today was actually a very good result in the end.” The Northern Regions karters return to action at Vereeniging on 04 March.