O’Connor stuns with Formula Ford pace

Bedfordview teenager Cameron O’Connor never flinched when he heard he would not be able to build on his Northern Regions Senior Max Karting Championship advantage when the weekend’s Vereeniging karting meeting was postponed at the eleventh hour last week. Instead the O’Connors hitched their Formula Ford trailer to their faithful van and headed north to the opening round of the Formula Ford 1600 season at Zwartkops instead.

Cameron promptly put his on Zetec-powered single-seater onto pole position by a clear margin, but being only one of two of the more powerful cars on the grid versus his Kent-propelled rivals, O’Connor reluctantly started from the pit lane before storming to two most impressive come-from-behind drives.

“I was too quick,” Cameron shrugged. “I know it sounds nuts, but the organizers said that I needed to start in the pit lane and wait 30 seconds after the last car before I could go! “I was there to practice anyway and we agreed to do that for the experience, so I drove my heart out — about 4 seconds a lap quicker than anyone and I managed to get back up 7th in race one and then I did the same in race 2 and I finished sixth.

“I was very happy with my pace and really enjoyed charging up from the back — thanks so much for the Formula Ford Kent guys for allowing me to race and setting us the challenge — it was good and I am learning more all the time.”

O’Connor then headed to the Red Star Raceway on Sunday to shake down his brand new Investchem wings and slicks Formula Ford racer he will race for the first time at Killarney 25 March. “Today was a shake-down and I was really impressed with the new car - I can’t wait or Cape Town!”

Cameron however first has an appointment at the opening karting national at Vereeniging Monday 20 March. “It’s a busy time, “Cameron concluded. “But it’s a wonderful experience and I am loving every second of it…”